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The Pocono Dulcimer Club (PDC) was founded in 1996 by Bob Mallalieu & Norm Williams with a "kick-off” workshop by songwriter and Mountain Dulcimer Player Heidi Muller.


The goal of the PDC was, and is, to promote the teaching, playing and performing of the Appalachian mountain dulcimer and the Hammered dulcimer.  The PDC meets monthly in the Eastern Monroe County Library in Stroudsburg, PA (an ADA accessible facility) and the meetings are free and open to any and all who desire to learn or listen.  All levels of players are welcome, and the PDC makes a special point of encouraging and advising newcomers and beginners.  The PDC has about 100 members, and regularly attracts about 15 to 20 people to each of its meetings.


In addition to the regular meetings, the PDC sponsors occasional “jams” during the year.  These are free, all day events held at various members’ homes or at area churches, and are open to all members of the club and other musical friends and family members.  The day is spent in music, song and fellowship and includes a potluck supper. We also play at various functions and events throughout the NE PA region in various groups and formats.


On January 25, 2003, the PDC sponsored its first Winter Dulcimer Fest at the Zion United Church of Christ in Stroudsburg.  The event was headlined by Heidi Muller, Heidi & John Cerrigone and A.J. Bashore.  The program was extremely successful: we had hoped for thirty-five workshop participants and had over fifty… and the evening concert filled the church sanctuary to capacity.


We have continued to host successful festivals since featuring nationally known artists.  This has been made possible, in part by grants we have received from the Pocono Arts Council.  Artists who have been featured include: Tull Glazener and Walt Michael - 2004.  Ken Kolodner and Steven Seifert - 2005 & 2009.  Aubrey Atwater and Rick Thum - 2006.  Don Pedi and “No Strings Attached,” - 2007.  Dan Landrum, Thomasina & Rob Brereton - 2008. Bing Futch & Christie Burns - 2010.  Lorraine & Bennett Hammond & Guy George - 2011.  Jody Marshall & Karen Mueller in 2012. Dan Duggan& Gary Gallier in 2013. Aaron O'Rourke & Dan Landrum in 2014. Andy Young & Stephen Seifert in 2015. Lois Hornbostel & Ehukai Teves (MD) and Karen Ashbrook & Paul Oorts in 2016. Atwater-Donnelly (MD) and Rick Thum (HD) in 2017. Nina Zanetti (MD) and Ruth & Steve Smith (HD) in 2018.


In 2019 (April 26 & 27) we will hold our17th Annual Pocono Dulcimer FestYES!!! We are moving to a warmer date! Our featured performers will be Bing Futch (MD) and Jody Marshall (HD)!


Please check out our Festival Page for updated information regarding the festival, faculty, registration, workshops, etc.



PDC Leadership Team


The PDC is a non-funded, not for profit volunteer group of folks who like to play the dulcimer.  We have leadership to organize and promote the monthly meetings and to develop and coordinate the annual Winter Dulcimer Fest.


Team Members are:  Kate Gordon, Kim Jennings, Liz Kappler, Bob Mallalieu, Jonah Talbott, Carol Walker, Norm Williams and Pat Zeman.


Norm Williams & Bob Mallalieu.
Co-founders of the PDC and lovers of Old Time Music.

See our Band: Wayfarers & Company