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NEW!! Non-Dulcimer Workshops!

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We have been delighted the last two years with some of the non-dulcimer offerings.  This year we have  6 (six!) classes that will hopefully pique your interest!

Printable NON-Dulcimer Workshops

Carolyn Brodginski

2:30pm – ND1        Music & Healing                      All Levels - Everyone

Understand the power of music and how to use it for different situations in a person’s health.

This will be a discussion class, feel free to bring and ask questions.  


Charley Buckland

4:00pm – ND2        Native Flute, Infinite Simplicity                             Novice & Up

Become part of the beautiful native flute.  Realize that it is truly infinite in its simplicity.  We will play and create together using the techniques used on all instruments of breath.  Use repetition and variation to help find and vary colors in sound.  Play using heart instead of head.  Learn relation of flute to player and surroundings.  Immerse yourself into sound, space and time.

Method:  Listen; Learn to play a simple native song; Apply variation and nuance

Topics to touch on:  Breathing, using diaphragm, dry breath; Tonguing; Fingers’ relation to holes; Trills, vibrato; Dynamics; Playing with your surroundings; Allow emotions to paint with sound; Imitation of birds; Variation in all its forms


Ellen Pratt

4:00pm – ND3        Appalachian “Crankies” (Appalachian Folk Art: the art of the moving picture)   All levels

This workshop is all about art and music combined. We will illustrate a favorite ballad on a hand held cardboard “crankie” and make the ballad come to life. Bring your favorite ballad-with the lyrics (I will also have copies of several ballads with me). Everything you will need to create a miniature Crankie will be provided. No dulcimer required for this class! (1 to 1+ hours).


Steve Smith                             

9:00am - ND4         *Duet Playing - Guitar and Hammered Dulcimer (Ruth)                    Intermediate/Advanced

Learn to play with a partner. In the first half of this workshop, the guitar players will learn the backup part to a tune while in a separate concurrent session the hammered dulcimer players are learning this tune. In the second half of the workshop, the hammered dulcimer and guitar players join together to play the tune, focusing on techniques to help the instruments complement one another and making the results more musical by use of dynamics and expression.

10:30am – ND5      Songwriting                          All Levels - All Participants

Steve, an ASCAP award winning songwriter, shares the steps and methods for creating a well-crafted song, both lyrics and music. Students will learn where to start writing a song from just an idea, how to then build that idea into a complete, well-structured song, and finally how to rewrite and rewrite until the song is all that it can and should be. The crucial art of creating music that sets the right emotional platform for your lyrics will be explained and demonstrated.

2:30pm - ND6         Ukulele Tunes &Technique:                                   Advanced Beginner / Intermediate

Learn the variety and styles of music that can be played on the ukulele with an assortment of chords, melodies, strums, rolls, and fingerpicking patterns. You’ll learn to use these techniques on both vocal songs and instrumental tunes.