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Master classes w/ Nina Zanetti (Mountain Dulcimer) and Jon Weinberg (Hammered Dulcimer)
These classes are designed to have the student focus their learning with these Master Musicians who will help you move your playing to a new level.  Classes are limited in size (10 students MD; 8 students HD) and pre-registration is a must.

Printable Registration Form

Master Class w/ Jon Weinberg: Intermediate to Advanced

To be taken as a continuum: You must pre-register for this class – 1st come, 1st in class – maximum 8 students


9:00am, 10:30am & 2:30pm

Advanced Hand Separation and Independence (3 sessions)

  • Do you want to become more comfortable with tunes that have big reaches and that use notes on the edges of your dulcimer?  How about where each hand is playing totally independently of the other?  

  • We'll learn some interesting arrangements of tunes that incorporate notes you may never have played before and look at strategies and techniques for playing large reaches so you'll be comfortable incorporating them in more complex arrangements!

  • To develop your hand independence we'll work on a solo, truly-hand-separated arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon in D suitable for weddings, church, and other solo performances.  Your left hand will be playing the melody parts and your right hand the bass ground and chords.  We will take it slowly:  this pianistic style of arranging/playing takes some practice but it's useful many other pieces.

    To participate in this class you will need a 15/14 or larger dulcimer which has a low D on your bass bridge and a low D#/G# on your treble bridge.  It does not need to be chromatic.

IMPORTANT!!  -  Jon notes: “I would request that attendees of this workshop do a little prep work by playing/learning a few simple parts of the Canon in advance so they won't have to take class time figuring it out.  I've put another file on my website under Hand Independence III with the handout called Pre-workshop prep along with a midi file of it so you can hear what it should sound like.”



Master Class w/ Nina Zanetti: Intermediate to Advanced

     To be taken as a continuum: You must pre-register for these classes – 1st come, 1st in class – maximum 10 students


9:00am, 10:30am & 2:30pm

“The Softer Side of Dulcimer”

This 3-part workshop will focus on the softer side of the mountain dulcimer with emphasis on developing techniques that can help make our playing sensitive, expressive, and captivating!

  • The first session will focus on fingerpicking as one right-hand technique that lends itself well to expressive playing: we’ll review the basics, and then turn our attention to how this technique can be used to introduce a gentle “voice” into your playing.

  • The remaining sessions will not require fingerpicking, but will focus on other left- hand and right-hand techniques that can make a beautiful tune come alive in a lyrical, expressive way. We’ll explore the vocalist’s concept of phrasing, and will learn specific techniques for adding phrasing when we play beautiful tunes on the dulcimer. We’ll also survey some additional “cheap tricks” that can add style, interest, and even some gentle pizazz to expressive pieces.

Finally, we’ll consider how to modify and expand arrangements by adding embellishments, variations, and alternate chord choices- in other words, how to “make a tune your own”.