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Below are links to .pdf files & Sound or Video files for some of the tunes we play... enjoy.
Pretty Betty Martin - Stamper version...

Pretty Betty Martin - Stamper version

Pretty Betty Martin mp3

Shove the Pigs Foot...

Shove the Pigs Foot a Little Further in The Fire - DGD

Shove the Pigs Foot a Little Further in The Fire - midi

MacPherson's Lament

MacPherson's Lament - DGD

MacPherson's Lament - DAD - capo 3

MacPherson's Lament - midi

The Crooked Stovepipe

The Crooked Stovepipe - Tab

The Crooked Stovepipe - Score

The Crooked Stovepipe - Midi - slow

The Crooked Stovepipe - MP3 - fiddle - up to speed

Fall Wind Whippin'...

Fall Wind Whippin' Round My Backyard - PDF

Fall Wind Whippin' Round My Backyard - Midi

JIGS From George

Le Tourment - DGD - low

Le Tourment - DGD - high

Le Tourment - Score for HD

Le Tourment - Midi

Rosin The Beau - jig in G - PDF

Rosin the Beau - G - midi.mp3

Squirrely TUNES

Squirrel Heads & Gravy - G for HD

Squirrel Heads & Gravy - G for MD

Squirrel Heads & Gravy MP3

YouTube Of Squirrel Heads & Gravy

Grey Squirrel Eatin' Up the New Ground Corn - A - pdf

Tune collected by Bruce Greene and learned from Don Pedi.

Milking Song

Listen to Milking Song:


(this is LOUD so turn volume down quickly)

TUNES from 2014

Buck Eyed Rabbit

Buck Eyed Rabbit MP3

Sugar Hill - D - pdf

Sugar Hill MP3

I learned this fiddle tune, Sugar Hill, from Tom, Betty and Nathan Druckenmiller.  It comes from the playing of NC fiddler Tommy Jarrell.

Look Down That Lonesome Road

Look Down That Lonesome Road - MP3

Old Black Cat Couldn't Catch a Rat

Old Black Cat Couldn't Catch - MP3

Kirby - DAD - an original by Jonah Talbott

Kirby MP3

Spring Creek

Spring Creek MP3

New Tunes , 2013

Sheepy And The Goat - DAD

Little Bitty Man - DAD


A Few Christmas Tunes , 2013

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear - DAC

Away in a Manger - DAF

There Was a Pig Went Out to Dig - DAF

There Was a Pig Went Out To Dig - DAC

These tunes are in a minor setting.  DAC is familiar and the scale is Aeolian.  DAF is also minor but in the Phrygian scale. 

NOTE!!! You tune the melody string DOWN to F.

Try them out!!

2nd NOTE - There was a Pig is in Dm in either tuning - the same mode also - the scale just starts in a different place.

TAB for the Pocono Hornpipe

PDF of Pocono Hornpipe for MD - Melody string

PDF of Pocono Hornpipe for MD - 1st Position

PDF of Pocono Hornpipe for HD

Pocono Hornpipe for HD - G - notation - lower

The tune, Pocono Hornpipe, was written by Naomi Hostetler in 2012 following  the 10th annual Pocono Winter Dulcimer  Fest.  We were priviledged to have her share it with us at this year's festival and have decided to make it a permanent tune for our club and "official festival tune." 

Some Other Tunes we've learned as a club...

My Own House Waltz - Trad. - arr. C. Walker

YouTube - Carol Walker - My Own House Waltz

Camp Meeting on the 4th of July - D - pdf

Our version of this tune from a variety of sources.

Egan's Polka - D - pdf

Learned this from A.J. "Alf" Bashore... great tune!

Erin's Kitchen Table - pdf

This tune was discovered hiding in my McSpadden MD one evening and Erin said, "That's a neat tune. What's it called?" ...and that was that.  Now I will inflict it on you all to see if it meets muster.

Hangman's Reel - A - pdf

White Creek Pass - D - pdf

George Haggerty wrote this little fiddle tune, White Creek Pass, in 1991.  George has been a fine friend and untiring advocate of the Mountain Dulcimer.

Resources links for tunes-with-tab

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